Treatment Modality Case Study

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Treatment Modality Rationale When determining what intervention would be most appropriate, I was able to refer to National Institute of Health and learned that when medication is combined with therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, effective change can occur for clients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Due to the numerous presenting problems of SW, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would assist SW to “modify dysfunctional thinking and behavior toward solving current problems” (Beck). In other words, this treatment modality would target SW’s presenting problems to not only reach her goals but provide techniques to alleviate some of the more serious problems including suicidal ideation and substance use. Prioritization of Problems SW’s presenting…show more content…
Maintain confidentiality and inform client of all steps during the process of the agency Explain the effectiveness and importance of CBT modality Complete documentation promptly and in a timely manner Complete supervision with field instructor Explore sessions in detail with supervisor through process recordings Frequency: 60- minute individual session with writer twice each week 60- minute individual session with APN during 2nd week and 4th week of 30 day service 30- minute individual session with case manager prior to termination for social services needs Method(s) by which Goal Achievement will be evaluated: SW to complete client satisfaction questionnaire prior to termination SW to complete quality of life prior to treatment and again prior to termination to evaluate progress SW will be referred to long term outpatient agency for continued services and medication

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