Export Of Diamonds Case Study

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By signing the treaty of precious stones, Door, Claw and Puff agreed to exchange 2kg of their gemstones for the next 25 years. However, the earthquake in Puff, making diamond mines inaccessible, has caused the price of diamonds to skyrocket. Since Puff does not have access to its mines for an uncertain period of time, the state decided to limit the export of their diamonds to Door and Claw, hereby breaching the treaty. Because of this, Door and Claw stopped exchanging their gemstones with Puff altogether. The problem now faced is, that Puff was still able to export diamonds to Door and Claw because they had reserves, so the state should not have limited the export, which was a breach of the treaty. Due to these events, Puff wants to know if there are options regarding the treaty so that it can find it the most profitable way to sell its diamonds.…show more content…
It is unclear whether Door, Claw and Puff are parties to this treaty or if Puff wants to terminate or suspend the treaty. During the Danube Dam case the International Court of Justice referred to Fisheries jurisdiction case, stating that “Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, … may in many respects be considered as a codification of existing customary law on the subject of the termination of a treaty relationship on account of change of circumstances.” All states are bound by customary law and for this reason, the advice given to Puff regarding termination will be based on the Law of

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