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World War II The versailles treaty helped cause World War II because Germany lost several territories, their military and army were limited, they also had to pay reparations and they had to admit that they were guilty. World War II began in 1914 due to an assassination in the balkans that helped lead to the actual fighting. Leaders from around the world met at versailles in France to come up with a treaty. Prime Minister David Lloyd George of England, Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson President of the United States all played a major part in the versailles treaty. Germany and Russia were given no say in this treaty. They each had a different say in what the treaty should include. For example “ Woodrow Wilson …show more content…

After March 31,1920 the total number of military troops in germany must only extend to one hundred thousand men.Document B states “ Germany must not exceed one hundred thousand men,including officers.” The German army must also not include more than seven divisions of infantry and three divisions of cavalry. And the role of the army “ Must be devoted exclusively to the maintenance of order within territory and to the control of the frontiers.” This meant that Germany could only use its forces for self defense and could not attack other nations.Germany's army was so small that even Belgium had a bigger army. Germany in fact was surrounded by larger, more powerful enemies that were under france’s control and were ready to harm germany whenever France wished. Germans politicians and citizens felt extremely insecure about their military’s ability to protect them. Germany's military had been reduced as a result of the versailles treaty.In addition to being treated unfairly and being punished beyond what they deserved, Germany felt that they needed to rearm themselves in order to protect …show more content…

According to Document D “ What they knew of the treaty was etched indelibly in their minds and could be abbreviated in a single word: humiliation.”Germans admire Adolf Hitler because he brought back the pride the country once had.He also gave Germany their self respect back.Hitler also forced the world to look at germany different, in a whole new way. Hitler knew that “Nations, as with individuals do not like to be made feel disgraced and cast off, it undermines a sense of worth.” Germany gave hitler unlimited power and supported him in taking actions that began World War

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