Treaty Of Versailles Dbq Analysis

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Who would've thought that the treaty of Versailles would have caused world war 2. Many people didn't think that the treaty of versailles would of caused ww2. The treaty of versailles was created to make peace between the country. How would have the treaty of versailles contribute to the ww2. But it did by treating germany harshly in the following ways territorial losses, military restrictions, economic reparations and war guilt which will be explain in the following paragraphs.
There was four main ways the treaty of versailles contributed to ww2 and one of them was territorial losses. During the ww2 germany lost some land but they also lost one of the biggest port city (Doc A). When you lose the biggest port city/land you wont get lots of trade. Without trade you won't get money. So Germany would obviously be mad and want to get there land back. In the book Mein Kampf it said the restoration of frontiers of 1914 could be achieved only by blood (Doc A). Which meant that if the germans want their land they would have to fight for in and once they fight it would have end up in a war.
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In article 232 it states that the [allies]... require, and Germany undertakes, that she will compensation for all damage done (Doc C). In my point of view it looks like the germans have to pay for damage that not only they did but other counties did too. And in article 233 it states that that a schedule of payment prescribing the time and manner for securing and discharging the entire obligation within a period of thirty years (Doc C). This means that after having to pay for all the war damage they also have a due date which is thirty days to pay for all damages done. During 1921 Germans had to pay $367 billion and in 1929 they had to pay $341 billion (Doc C). The Germans felt anger and humiliation that they are forced to pay that amount of money later on Hitler comes along and stops all the reparation
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