Treaty Of Versailles Dbq Essay

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Sometimes blame is not easy to find. The Treaty of Versailles had ended the “war to end all wars”. In it, the allied powers-- France, Britain, and America-- had come to a decision on what Germany’s punishment would be. The Germans were not fond of the agreed upon conditions since Germany no say in the treaty. Is the Treaty of Versailles to blame for World War Two? Yes, the treaty of Versailles did cause World War Two as it caused Germany to lose land, made Germany pay reparations, had Garmany take the blame for the war, and restricted Germany’s army. The first way the Treaty of Versailles caused World War Two is that Germany lost land. As shown in Doc A, Germany lost Alsace and Lorraine, and with the lost land Germany also lost forty percent…show more content…
Germany lost opportunities to fix its’ economy because of losing land, and Germans wanted the land back, which is exploited by Hitler by saying he was in favor of war do they could get the land back. Paying reparations caused Germans to lose self-respect and made them angry. Hitler again exploits the Germans displeasure by discontinuing the payments. Again, the Germans are exploited by Hitler by restoring pride when they had been humiliated for being blamed for the war. This caused many Germans to accept the Nazi regime and probably join the army. Germany had little flexibility with its’ army, both in size and actions, due to the restrictions, which caused Germany to begrudge the surrounding countries. The Nazi regime took advantage of what the Germans didn’t like about the Treaty of Versailles, by breaking some aspects of it, in order to gain support and increase their numbers so they could go to war. There are many reasons why the Treaty of Versailles caused World War Two, but there still might have been other causes; just like how Germany was blamed for World War One, it is unfair to put all the blame of the treaty without acknowledging other possible
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