Treaty Of Versailles Persuasive Essay

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Did the Treaty of Versailles Accomplish What it Was Supposed to do? The Treaty of Versaille was the ending point of World War I it ended the war that had lasted for four gruesome years. Signed in June of 1919, the treaty promised peace through the formation of the League of Nations and the demilitarization of Europe in hopes to prevent future conflict. However, due to the poor execution and non participation of the defeated Germany the treaty only fostered future tensions and set the stage for another world war. The Great War, which it was referred to at the time, began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the heir of the Austria-Hungarian empire in Bosnia in 1914.Due to the alliance system between the European countries and the huge build up of militaries the event triggered a war so massive that about hundred countries participated in the fighting. The countries were divided between the Allies and the Central Powers. The Allies consisted of Britain, France, Italy, and later the United States would…show more content…
Part I created the League of Nations, which Germany was not allowed to join. Part II established Germany’s new borders by returning portions of land to Denmark, Belgium, France, Poland and Lithuania. The Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires were disbanded and distributed amongst the Allies. Part III imposed a demilitarized zone in Germany and part IV removed Germany’s power over all its’ colonies. Part V stripped Germany from certain classes of weapons and most of their armed forces. Part VIII held Germany responsible for all the damage and future reparations both in Germany and in the Allies territories. In addition to their liability, part IX placed numerous amounts of extra expenses. This harsh retribution galvanized Germany’s perspective towards the nation's that the Big Four represented, something that will affect its future
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