Treaty Of Versailles: The Four Causes Of World War II

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What if I told you one single document cause World War II, would you believe me? The Versailles Treaty was a Treaty that all countries signed after World War I to finalize what would happen to Germany. How did the Versailles Treaty help cause a World War II? The Treaty punished Germany in four ways; territory loss, reparations, military reorganization, and war guilt. The most important cause was military reorganization. The least important of the four causes is war guilt. The Article 231 forced Germany to take full responsibility for the war, this angered the German people. However, Hitler restored a sense of pride, reawakened a sense of self respect, forcing the world to look at Germany anew. Article 231 was viewed as a horrible thing by the German people, which made it easier for Hitler to come to power because he made Germany believe that he could fix Germany back to its glory days. This article from the Treaty of Versailles began WWII by allowing the German people no other route to feeling pride again other than to follow Hitler, the article made the German people feel horrible about themselves and their country and for a nationalism country, it’s the worst feeling. The next cause was the territory lost by Germany. Germany loses Alsace, Lorraine, and Polish Corridor due to the Versailles Treaty, it also caused the loss of Danzig which led Germany to separate into two parts. Germany also loses coal production. Hitler suggests war as the only way to get

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