Why Did Versailles Argument Cause World War II?

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What if I told you one single document cause World War II, would you believe me? The Versailles Treaty was a Treaty that all countries signed after World War I to finalize what would happen to Germany. How did the Versailles Treaty help cause a World War II? The Treaty punished Germany in four ways; territory loss, reparations, military reorganization, and war guilt. The most important cause was military reorganization. The least important of the four causes is war guilt. The Article 231 forced Germany to take full responsibility for the war, this angered the German people. However, Hitler restored a sense of pride, reawakened a sense of self respect, forcing the world to look at Germany anew. Article 231 was viewed as a horrible…show more content…
Article 232 and 233 states that Germany had to pay for all the damage they caused in WWI and the amount was finalized by the other countries. Germany did not want to pay any of the reparations because they did not agree that they should take full responsibility for the war. Angry Germans helped Hitler into power more than before because he stopped all the payments. These articles made the German people angry and yet again look to Hitler for leadership, by looking to him, he made the decision to stop all the payment being made. By ending payments, Germany made what the Treaty of Versailles says was broken and therefore starts to get the countries who are supposed to get money from Germany angry, so now the Treaty of Versailles made Germany angry. Their reaction made other countries angry as…show more content…
Instead, it is Germany’s Military reorganization because it reduced Germany’s military which made them feel weak and trapped which for a nationalism country, it is the worst to no longer feel the pride in your country the you used to. These four ways the Treaty of Versailles punished Germany after WWI helped the Treaty to be the cause of WWII. On that note I will leave you with, do you still believe one document couldn’t have helped to start World War
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