Treaty People In Canada

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There is a great concern to today’s inequity regarding Aboriginal people’s health, education, culture and language. Stereotypes and racism are preventing the Aboriginal people from seeking the benefits they deserve. As Treaty People in Canada, reconciliation must be a top priority to support the healing process of Canada’s history. The treaty relationship has a significant impact on all Saskatchewan and Canadian citizen’s personal beliefs, societal and political positions, and the process of reconciliation.
The Canadian government has created branches of the government to improve Aboriginal lives. Although these sectors of the government have supposedly good intentions “this government is more preoccupied on spending millions of dollars to
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The Treaties were a way to take away the rights of the Aboriginal. The Aboriginal were granted small amounts of land, which is also known as reserves. Specifically, in 1608 when Canada began colonization, the Aboriginal people saw that “treaties were intended to be mutually beneficial, created out of equal shared goals” (A Solemn Undertaking: The Five Treaties of Saskatchewan). Having these two different perspectives contradict each other on the treaty relationship created inequality. Currently, Canadian land is covered by only 2% of reservation land, while the rest of the treaty land is shared with the remainder of Canada. As a matter of fact, Aboriginal people continue to be undermined by their lack of action to respond to the Aboriginal people’s complaints. Due to the amount of differences between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people in many aspects, the Aboriginal are being treated differently. Thus, creates a treaty relationship that is unable to maintain its connection to the Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. Bob Joesph explains how stereotypes “diminishes self-esteem and cultural pride, and for non-First Nations it dehumanizes and enhances negative perceptions of First Nations people and their culture”(The enduring Nature of First Nation Stereotypes Joseph). Regardless, there must be a way for Canada as a country to come together and redefine what the treaty…show more content…
It impacts all Saskatchewan and Canadian citizen’s personal beliefs, societal and political positions, and the process of reconciliation. All of these factors show how someone's perspective can determine someone's future. Gaining an understanding of the Aboriginal people's lives could help those people reach the reconciliation they deserve. The inequity Aboriginal people face through the government can be changed but only by those willing to raise their voice and become heard. It is Canada's turn to change the negative perspective of all the non-Aboriginal
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