Strengths And Weaknesses Of WWI

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Strengths and weaknesses:
According to the treaty, the countries that signed got what they want. This treaty is also known as the treaty that help to the ''Sick Man of Europe'.
Some historians define the Treaty of Sèvres has the same financial consequence as the Treaty of Versailles. The Allies started to control the finances and economy of the Ottoman Empire; this include the control of the Ottoman Bank, control over the imports and exports, national budget, control over financial regulations, requests for loans and reform of tax system. The Allies controlled even debt repayments. Only France, Italy and Great Britain can debt bondholders, but with this treaty the Ottoman Empire was forgiven for had economic collaboration with the ''losers''
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America's factories and countryside did not have many harmed and the war sped up the industrial production.
United Kingdom and France could recover economically without problems, but Germany was the only one with most problems to recover everything. Germany with the payments and the fact that they should pay much money and many other things, they economic fell and stayed in the ground. The reparations that Germany had to pay led to an economic depression. The Hyperinflation and unemployment in Germany were bad, the money that Germany controlled became
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The art, music, books and other thing were inspired in the war. The nationalism in some countries make more marked by the winners or the losers of the war. The feeling of the hopeless was strong in the countries with damage, the war marked an era inside Europe.
Role and status of women in 20th century war
During the war, the women stay in home, not fighting directly but fighting. The women enter in the society and start to work for men, while the men were inside the war, the women allowed this will be possible because the people that stay and work were they. After the war, when the men comeback of the war, they want back their jobs and other things that women did during the war.
In Great Britain for examples, after the war the women start to wish would have the same right that men, so they start to make this possible. With the time, they start to vote and getting jobs inside the cabinet minister.
In United States, around 1919 appears the first police woman, after that the women start to get jobs as lawyers, vets and civil servants. In 1917 the Women's Royal Naval Service was formed.
After the war, the role of women changed totally, now the women take an important role inside the society showing that women and men were the
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