Treblinka Thesis

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In the year of 1933, the Holocaust began and many Jews were scared and worried that they would be found, and sent off to be killed by the Nazis. Nearly 2,500 Jews were transported to an extermination camp known as, Treblinka. Treblinka was occupied in Poland, and it was established in 1941. In Treblinka, their gas house had the Star of David on the front wall. Before the Jews were killed they would have to listen to an SS officer* that would tell them that they arrived at a transit camp. Treblinka killed around 700,000 - 900,000 Jews during the Holocaust, but there were also 850,000 men, women, and children exterminated. There were only 67 survivors that lived and was able to get liberated from Treblinka. Treblinka was not a known camp because it was a remote camp in the middle of a forest that little people knew about. Many Jews didn’t know what this camp was or even what it was about because it was so hidden and unknown. Treblinka was known for its memorial site where they put every Jew that they killed in one pit, and cover it in dirt and put rocks on top of it. What did the Nazis give the…show more content…
Going through a harsh task, the Jewish always stayed strong through the pain and suffering. Jews were mistreated in such an unkind way. Treblinka either killed the prisoners or left them to suffer, with no nutrition, and they were pushed around like some item that was in the way. Thousands of people were destroyed and had many life challenges while going through this change or process that they had no opinion about. Treblinka was a cold-hearted camp that never cared what anybody thought when it came to there killing strategies. Treblinka was a concentration camp that was a horror, and nobody has ever been in a situation like that in their life, and nobody will understand the pain they went through to try to survive. Those people who survived and fought through that point in time deserves to be looked at as a true
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