Trench Warfare Research Paper

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A representation of a living hell would be the trenches in trench warfare, where over 200,000 courageous soldiers died fighting for their country. Not only did the soldiers sacrifice their lives, in addition they also suffered non stop until their conclusive breath. Trench warfare was the kind of warfare that no one wanted to fight in because of how dreadful it was and of how it seized innumerable lives effortlessly. Trench warfare was deplorable and seized countless lives because of the chemical weapons used, the diseases caused by the deplorable conditions, and the emotional environment. First of all, one of the most treacherous weapons, that are now illegal, utilized in trench warfare were chemical weapons. A kind of chemical weapon that…show more content…
Lastly, in addition to all the chemical weapons and diseases the soldiers also suffered emotionally greatly from the environment they had to live in. The conditions in the trenches were deplorable from all the filth to all the vermin everywhere. The conditions were just perfect for illness and death, “The damp conditions caused the injuries to become more infected as they didn’t have a dry environment to heal in.” The different weathers brought different problems. For example, winter brought frostbite and the summer would bring dehydration. The deplorable conditions caused for many soldiers to have an early death in the trench. Moreover, most of the time the dead bodies would just be left on the ground of the trenches with all the other soldiers that were fighting because no one had enough time to take the dead bodies away. The soldiers had to keep fighting even though their comrade’s dead body was right next to them. The soldiers had to be strong, “For the sake of survival, many soldiers learned to harden themselves against the stench of decomposing bodies and the sight of bodies horribly dismembered by artillery barrages,...” This demonstrates how in order for survive the soldiers had to turn off their emotions and try their best to ignore all the dead bodies of their comrades. Some soldiers would even go crazy from seeing all of their comrades being slaughtered in front of them. Who could possibly not be affected by dead bodies all around them, especially if they were to be your friend or family. In the end if the soldier wanted to survive they had to either turn off their emotions or suffer emotionally till eventually they went
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