Trench Warfare Speech

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Speech Introduction Good morning class, today I’m talking about world war 1 specifically trench warfare and life in the trenches. Trench warfare in WW1 had very harsh and extremely dangerous conditions. The trenches were constantly under attack, riddled with disease, lice, rats and it was also extremely cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Main 1 In WW1 the soldiers suffered from many diseases and animals in the trenches, there were many problems such as trench foot, trench fever, lice and rats. In this quote on page 12 in the mud and water section it explains just how bad it was “The damp conditions encouraged rats, which fed on the corpses on soldiers and horses, while body lice were a constant irritant to every soldier. Many soldiers contracted trench fever spread by lice, or trench foot – cause by wet feet – which made them red,…show more content…
The most effective 2 were the artillery and the gas, the quotes on pages 22 and 25 show just how effective these weapons were, “Artillery could destroy a trench before an attack began.” And also “In total, some 1,200,000 soldiers one both sides were gassed, of whom at least 90,000 died.” Those quotes show just how devastating and effective these weapons were. Main 3 In WW1 the weather conditions effected the soldiers in the trenches very harshly. The main 3 weather conditions that made it hard for the soldiers were the excessive amount of rain, the heat from summer and worse of all the extreme cold from winter. The quote from the winter in the trench section tells you how bad the winter is in the trenches, “There was still rain but also below freezing weather and snow.” “Frostbite was rampant sometimes leading to amputation. Trenches did not provide any warmth.” These quotes showed the kind of weather that the soldiers in the trenches had to go through. Main
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