Trends And Trends In 21st Century Photography

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Similarity and continuity are the two Gestalt principles that are the most evident in the photograph above Figure 2.3 Ingres’s Violin. Similarity can be seen by the shape of the body and resembles a musical instrument -that is what excites the brain. Continuity in this photograph can be seen by the shape of the tattoo, which gives a perceived speed and direction of interest 2.5 CONCLUSION In this chapter the different emergences of influential and revolutionary artist movements were explored to show how they enhanced and coexisted with each other. The emergence of new ways of thought and ways of defining conceptual elements is important to take into consideration when trying to understand with regards to the development of composition in…show more content…
Modern photographers will be briefly discussed, as well as their contribution to their industry. CHAPTER 3 COMPOSITION AND DESIGN IN MODERN ADVERTING 3.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter will be focusing on current styles as well as photographers in the fine art genre, and their relationship with the industry. The author will also consider the needs of the 21st century visual consumer, and how this may enable the successful entry into the industries. The author will be discussing international and South African photographers. 3.2 STYLES AND TRENDS IN CONCEPTUAL FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY It is important to be able to identify all the different types of trends and styles in order to know which ones would be applicable to an assignment or brief. The following sub heading will attempt to identify and clarify the options available in contemporary fine art photography. 3.2.1 Abstract…show more content…
Colours are often emotionally charged and their use may become distracting in certain situations, which could obstruct the visual reader from fully understanding the messages that the photographer attempted to communicate with shape and form ( Shooting in black and white can create a new and exciting portrayal of the world in ways that we are not familiar with, creating new interest in the way you would see a mundane subject shot with the right lighting and perspective, and can thus be seen as a fine art practice (Wolfie & Sheppard,

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