Fashion Trends And Trends In The 50's

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Fashion and trends have greatly changed over the years. The clothes

went from being an object whose only am was to cover the

weatherman and protect it somehow irregular landscape; to be

something that shows a part of the personalida and tastes of the

individuals who use it, it is sometimes used to have social acceptance

of others. We want to talk about the change of fashion in these last 60

years, the clothes, hairstyles, makeup, everything related to personal

image. Why we chose this theme is easy, we are girls and we love



First post-war years the woman returned home, one the tasks of the

house and re- thinking of herself. After years, the woman could live in

the comfort of your home, give small tastes and
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Jewelry 70s was marked by three major trends: Flowers in the first,

geometric lines and inspiration in Indian fashion. Lengthy necklaces,

bracelets, rings and earrings made in cash and in such detail with the

presence of pearls, beads and flowers made of plastic or metal.

70s Fashion: Bags

Bags 70s had as feature director was that unisex. Were large bags

with rectangular and square shapes. Sunglasses of the 70 child very

famous and in fact, that Flowers are the most representative fashion

item these years. Sunglasses of the Big 70 were by wide frames, for

even in the second part of the decade, they became more subtle.


In the decade of the 80´s women began to feel more and more

liberated every day, experiencing the joy of believing they could be and

do whatever they wanted. The trends were large, exaggerated and

bright, even neon; taking fashion to the extreme. The style of the 80

took some lines of Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana and Madonna.

There are three different looks that stand out. One is the clothing of the

80´s exercises full body suits, sweat bands, elastic fabric and leg

warmers were lucid.

Everyday clothing was brightly colored, larger sizes and
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They highlighted the stiletto shoes, blouses and american wide, high-

waisted jeans and pirate pants type. Babydoll style dresses that were

popular were usually short dresses with floral prints, usually used as

casual wear with a pair of combat boots and / or denim jackets. The

overall style is grunge style "sloppy" suggesting that you did not spend

much time fixing your clothes and still have managed to create an

amazing style, to achieve this used denim, t (usually of famous bands)

and leather jackets.

In the 90s many different trends were mixed and marked known

fashion top models Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Linda

Evangelista, Elle McPherson. It emphasizes minimalism, simplicity and

lived in the 80s glitz and the impositions of the market is rejected.

Hairstyles nineties were pretty much as the seventies, with sprays and

voluptuousness. At this time, there was a great diversification and

people tried combing more "casual", so it's hard to say which was the

trend for excellence in the hair.


In early 2000, they were imposed worldwide jean pants low shot,
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