Trends In Human Services Essay

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There is one particular goal that is shared amongst all human service agencies and that is to help those that are in need. Human services organizations are different from general organizations in the business world in many ways. It is stated by Lewis and Packard (2012) that human service organizations work together towards reaching a common goal. The professionals of human services work together in many ways and also in different settings to help assist clients with improving their lives. In general, businesses tend to aim more towards targeting aspects of the general population. They develop products and focus on services and delivery of their consumer goods. When it comes to the human service field, the difference is that the goal or central focus is primarily to help…show more content…
For instance, service delivery is a trend that changes as community changes. In the past, individuals had to go the a service building in order to apply for food assistance, but now with the advancements made in technology they can apply over the internet. According to Lewis and Packard (2012) services deliveries mostly changed based on multiple factors such as: economic trends, social trends, technological trends and political trends. In many occasions, different human service organizations that have different service deliveries often work together to help individuals and families because they all have the same goal in mind. There are many different human services organizations that helps people on a daily basis with things such as: Food assistance, clothing, shelter, education and many others. The department of children and families is one of the biggest human services organizations here in Florida. They help individuals on a daily basis with their needs. Also there are shelter like Chapman Partnership that offer hot meals, clothes, beds, help with education and many other
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