Trespass By Julia Alvarez Essay

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Life is full of the unexpected, be it good or bad, it is part of our development as people. The things we want is often not what our parents want, especially while considering a place to live. In the passage “Trespass” by Julia Alvarez, which portray some of the difficulties of being bullied, the body development and language barrier, which everyone goes through at some point of their life is shown from a young immigrant's experiences. Carla experience all of that and more, but it is the things we experience that helps our development. Being different is always being looked down upon, but, it takes strength and courage for one to accept themselves as they are, flaws and all. Being different should be one's pride, yet it takes a great amount…show more content…
What people don't realize is, that a person difference should not hinder them in anyway but be accepted and celebrated. But often time it is easier said than done. Carla was bullied at her second school by a bunch of boys because she was developing in ways that the boys thought was funny and they ridiculed her for it. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt) which Carla gave without trying to stop the boys teasing her by telling the teachers or her parents so that the problem could be fixed. Not only is it difficult to learn a new language but to try to adjust to a new environment as well. Many things can go exceedingly well, then again, it can also go horribly wrong because God works in strange ways. Which was portrayed in the scene where Carla was taking her mile walk home, she was called by a man in a green car and then experience something a girl her age should never experience and to make it worse, having to communicate what she had just witnessed to the cops, that seem to resemble the older version of the boys that tease her at school (Alvarez 4). The thing we experience in life is simply there as a hurdle that must be jumped over to get to the next phase, for nothing is truly easy. A quote by Eleanor Roosevelt states, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to
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