Trespassing Speech

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Trespassing is never a good idea, but it is usually fun. But it 's the thrill of trespassing and doing something that you 're not supposed to do is the whole reason we do things like trespass or steal or anything illegal most of the time. And that thrill is was this story is all about. We didn 't know for sure what we were walking into, or what we were getting ourselves into. When we arrived we snuck right through the front door. We look around for awhile being very nervous about the whole situation. We first went into the old auditorium, everything in there was muddy and rotted because it didn 't have a roof anymore. Although we tried to get on the stage it was just to rotted so we went the next room we could find. Which happened to be the cafeteria, there were a bunch of old chicken coops in there because a few years ago an Asian lady lived there that owned a restaurant grew her own chickens in the abandoned school. She was later arrested though because what she was doing was illegal. Anyway, after we trekked through the cafeteria it was on to the gym. The gym was so cool because the basketball goals were still in tact, there were all kinds of things that littered the floor, including more chicken coops, but the floors were still in good condition as well. It was so weird to be around something like that because everything was still there as if it was still a functioning school. After we spent some time in the gym, we moved on out. We went upstairs to the other

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