Trethewey's Poem 'Miscegenation'

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The poem “Miscegenation” generally introduces a new concept of self-identification and identity, this is because in the past the matters of race were only evident in Americans-Africans, but it is a contentious issue. The poem explains the challenges she went through being a person of mixed race in her developmental years, therefore; lead her to experience a lot of discrimination. In the poem, Trethewey believes that the existing American laws were referencing the feelings of being different. It did cause her to doubt whether she is white, black or an individual of mixed race. During the 1960’s society did not approve of interracial marriages and considered it a sin. As Trethewey states “ my parents broke two laws of Mississippi” (l, 1), What she implying, her parents had to travel to a different state to get married and it was illegal for them to leave the state of Mississippi to get married elsewhere. In line 3-4, the poet breaks down the names "Mississippi” and “Cincinnati” bringing the acknowledgment that they are similar to “sin” and also the “Mississippi” is “Mis” which means "against." This makes one be able to conclude that what the person was doing is wrong (sinful) by the parents and the nations take and their actions of leaving Mississippi added to their wrong-doing.…show more content…
Trethewey associates with his character because their lives were very similar including their names. Joe Christmas was found as an orphan on Christmas day. In line 13-14, the poem indicates that “Natasha is a Russian name”–(l, 13) though I’m not; it means Christmas child, even in Mississippi,” this makes the reader know that Natasha originated from Russia thus she is a bi-racial. Though she has a neutral name she lives in a place where racism and prejudice are very prime, thus it does not shield her from
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