Trial Scene In The Outsider

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‘Silence’ has become the only companion of his isolation. He was asked “Why, why did you fire at a man who was already dead?”(Smith61). Again he did not know what to say. During the trial, Meursault was attacked by the prosecutor not only for his crime for killing an Arab, he was judged for some invalid reasons on the day of his mother’s funeral. He was accused of being a man who didn’t cry on his mother’s death. Finally, he was sentenced to death.Camus’s The Outsider is an attack on the accepted norms of the bourgeois society. The presentation of the trial scene and all the perspectives of judging Meursault’s guilt, has made the scene more farcical. The Outsider is an illustration of Camus’s absurd world view. Meursault is the stranger within his society. The very sense of absurdity is found when society asks meaning behind every action and behavior of Meursault and on the other hand, society manufactures meaning behind his every action and step. When Meursault didn’t show any remorse on his mother’s death, he became a convict in the eyes of social norms. When he killed the Arab, everyone including the judge, prosecutor, lawyers and jury tried to find their own meaning behind his guilt, but the convict is here the only one who does not know the reason behind his own guilt. According to David Sprintzen, “If I accuse an innocent man of a monstrous crime, if I tell a virtuous man that he has coveted his own sister, he will reply that this is absurd. . . . The virtuous man
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