Trials And Tribulations In Odysseus's Journey To Ithaca

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Odysseus has many trials and tribulations throughout his journey home to Ithaca. He experiences captivity, is offered immortality, is subjected to marriage propositions, and escapes the wrath of gods while he defies death and maintains his composure. Odysseus tricks Polyphemus, then he moves forward and kills the men who are pursuing his wife. Odysseus triumphs over those who seek him dead and remains faithful to his ultimate goal of returning to Penelope’s arms. Odysseus is a hero because he is audacious, has tactical acumen, and is altruistic as his actions in the following adventures prove. First, Odysseus displays his audaciousness in Book X while docked on the island of Aeaea. Eurylochus returns to tell Odysseus of a possible trap.…show more content…
Polyphemus asks Odysseus about his ship and he replies, “Poseidon god of earthquake smashed my ship” (377). This act provides evidence that Odysseus outsmarts Polyphemus and deceives him. While stating this to Polyphemus, Odysseus’ men and ship are still intact. This thoughtful manipulation gives hope of having a boat to escape on if Odysseus can escape from Polyphemus' cave. Odysseus has a broad range of experiences that let him make decisions smartly and tactfully as a hero…show more content…
This is truly remarkable and heroic. After years of being apart from his family, Odysseus prevails during all of his experiences. As a character, he is a hero through his acts of audaciousness, having tactical acumen, and being altruistic. First, Odysseus is fearless when he disregards Eurylochus’ advice not to disembark the ship. This is not something a coward would do, but only a hero. Second, his display of heroism happens when he tricks Polyphemus to protect his men and escapes death. Saving a person’s life is worthy of being hero. Lastly, Odysseus’ display as being altruistic when he saves his family from their oppressors is a habit a hero must possess. He kills the men, thus protecting his family, workers, and the

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