Trials And Triumphs: The Presidency Of George Washington

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History is said to repeat itself and that has been unequivocally evident especially in the US presidency and how the presidents who ascend the throne run the country. To run United States effectively, George Washington, the first US president appointed 5 Cabinet Members in the course of the year 1789, who advised him on several matters unofficially until he sat with them in a cabinet meeting in 1793. These first gentlemen to serve alongside the president in those trying years were, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox, Attorney General Edmund Randolph and Postmaster General Samuel Osgood (McDonald, 1974).
As opposed to the 1st US Presidential Cabinet which only had 5
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Therefore, he issued the neutrality proclamation during the ensuing war between France and Great Britain. Washington’s idea was for US to remain neutral and not to show support to any country during war. Currently, the state department headed by the secretary of state advice the president on matters regarding foreign affairs (McDonald, 1974).The department severs as the US diplomatic arm on international affairs along with advising the president on the formulation and final implementation of foreign policies.

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