Trials In The Outsiders

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In the novel, The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton focuses on the theme everyone goes through trials but its how you go through them and what you take away that define you. “A true friend is an angel sent from God, he stands by your side through the good as well as the bad, and loves you when you don’t love yourself, dear friend, thanks for being my lifeline.” -Unknown. Friends are your lifeline and can get you through everything. They love you when you think your not doing so well, they’ll never turn you down when you’re going through a tough time and are there every step of the way. This quote relates to The Outsiders because when Ponyboy ran away, Johnny went with him. During the attack of the Socs, Johnny killed Bob to save Ponyboy’s life! When…show more content…
Doing so Johnny didn’t make it out in time so he caught on fire after a piece of burning wood fell on him. Johnny was severely burned and broke his back leaving him to be a cripple the rest of his life if he made it out alive, Ponyboy came out with a scratch but learned about Johnny’s injuries and feeling terrible he felt the urge to cry but soon denied it. He felt bad for Johnny and didn’t think he deserved the injuries he was granted with. After being in the hospital the gang came including Darry and Soda. Ponyboy was so happy to see them and now he really wanted to cry, but being a Greaser, he couldn’t. “I leaped up and ran for the door, but it was already open and Soda...bear hug…(P. 97)” “ Then I saw Darry. He swallowed and said…’Ponyboy…’(P. 97)” “Please, no, I thought. Please, not ‘ if ‘(P. 102)” To have good friends you have to be a good friend, to be a good friend you need to be kind and helpful and always supportive. If you stay strong, be yourself and just keep going in life, the outcome will teach you a great lesson. Ponyboy learned a lot being alone with Johnny, he realized how much he loves his brothers and the gang and he didn’t want to live in the countryside after staying in an abandoned church there for a week. Ponyboy changed
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