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It is the year 1911. One hundred and thirty five years have passed since the creation of our country by our brave founding fathers. Our beautiful nation is constantly changing. As a progressive, I want it to change for the better and bring an improved standard of living for my fellow countrymen. The three areas that are the most in need of reform are working conditions, our educational system, and public services. I believe that with assistance from the government, my vision can become reality. The economy of the United States is undergoing a massive industrialization as we move away from manual labor more and more to rely on towering factories, machinery and mills to complete jobs that were once done by hand. While it creates a more robust …show more content…

Just earlier this very year, there was a horrible fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory where 146 workers perished. Some died from the fire and others from jumping from the windows in order to escape it. Triangle Shirtwaist has brought the plight of these poor workers to the forefront as the public takes notice of the lack of safety measures in place at not just this factory, but many similar workplaces, and demands that something be done to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again. I believe one of the first steps to creating a safer workplace is having government regulations in place that prevent the mistreatment of workers and ensure that employees can escape in case of emergency. The regulations themselves should not be just broad, but address the many issues that workers face in order to give the workers the safest and healthiest working environment possible. It will include things such as mandatory breaks, more safety measures, what is considered an unnecessary hazard for the job, an age limit so that children are not exploited for labor and more. In order to guarantee that these new regulations are not simply overlooked or swept under the rug, the government should also strike businesses that fail to meet

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