Triangular Slave Trade

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The Slave Trade worked in a triangular voyage between Europe, Africa and West Indies and to the African American kings and leaders to trade slaves for weapons and goods and were brought to America to work on the fields. Also, represented a complex financial business at its peak the 18 century. According to Regional Origins of Enslaved Africans Destined for the Americas from The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Database on CD- Rom by David Eltis,Stephen Behrendt, David Richarson and Herbert Klein, The England’s Royal African Company (RAC), were regulated the trade between the slaves and the private business owners of slave, who eventually use to sell the slave to a different people. “The trade was propelled by credit flowing outward from Europe and used by merchants to purchase men, women, and children in West Africa.” The cruel inhuman condition experienced by Africans from their initial capture, their journey along middle passages and enslavement in the West Indies demanded that slave trade be abolished and slave freed.…show more content…
The wares sent to Africa in exchange for captives included those that could be used as money: cowry shells, strips of cloth (often imported from India), iron bars, copper bracelets ( manillas), silver coins, and gold.” Basically, the meaning of slave trade is not about how much slave they can trade; it is all about how much money they can make with this slaves because this people are not getting paid for the labor that is being provide for the business owners of this plantations or other labor being done by slave. Also, we have to recognize that they need to produce products in order to survive in a land that “Cristobal Columbus Discover” because as more people keep moving in the
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