Triangular Trade 1500s

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Triangular trade in the 1500’s was established to correct imbalances in exports between three ports of region, /Africa, the Americas and Europe. Slaves were exported from Africa to the Americas to help with the growing and harvesting of crops. In turn those crops were turned into rum and cash crops that were then exported to Europe. European goods were used to purchase slaves. The culture and art of Benin disappeared do to the slave trade because the population decreased drastically due to enslavement. Sickness was a great cause of this also. The Native population suffered greatly when the Spanish arrived. Forced hard labor, starvation and sickness caused large numbers of deaths. The Natives were not immune to the many illnesses and diseases…show more content…
From the Americas came produce that became main stapes in Europe. Europe exported the grains that the Americas used for bread and main stays. The Americas also produced large amounts of silver and gold which then became the money that Europe turned to. The top class in colonial Latin America consisted of peninsulares, Spanish born Spaniards. After them came the Creoles which came from African and European descent.Below the Creoles were the Mestizos, American Native and European descent. Followed by Native Americans, free slaves, with Slave being last. Hobbes believed that monarchy was the best form of rule. he believed that once a monarch was elected by the citizens he should have absolute authority.and that the citizens have a duty to obey. Locke believed that the citizen should have a contract with the government. and that we should have representation by voting for the government that will be representing them. he believed that we should have basic rights and freedom. witchcraft is the belief in magical powers. most people believed hysteria was caused by heightened religious superstition. it ended do to lack of legal trials and proof of it being real and the return of common
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