Triangular Trade Essay

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26. they Triangular trade was the name given to the trade route the Europeans took to trade with Africa and the Americas. The trade route was known as the triangular trade because of the shape the trade route was in. The route went from Europe to Africa for slaves, the next was the "Middle Passage" the journey to the Americas to trade slaves for goods, and the next was the transportation of goods back to Europe. Of exploration led to the triangle trade knights of Malta. Part 2: 1648-1815 27. Dynastic and state interests, along with Europe’s expanding colonial empires, influenced the diplomacy of European states and frequently led to war. As a result of the Holy Roman Empire’s limitation of sovereignty in the Peace of Westphalia, Prussia rose to power and the Habsburgs, centered in Austria, shifted their empire eastward. After the Austrian defeat of the Turks in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna, the Ottomans ceased their westward expansion. Louis XIV’s nearly continuous wars, pursuing both dynastic and state interests, provoked a coalition of European powers opposing him. Rivalry between Britain and France resulted in world wars fought both in Europe and in the…show more content…
In Netherlands, challenges to absolutism including the split of the nation, the house of orange, and the state general’s views made its political system change back and forth between a republic and a monarchy. The English civil war also caused switches between republic and monarchy as new forms of government was formed after the king’s death, Oliver Cromwell majorly effected the outcome of the war, and as the political system was changed once again after Cromwell 's death. The glorious revolution brought the creation of a new political system under William 3 and Mary, establishment of Bill of Rights, and the policies of Charles
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