Triangular Trade Research Paper

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In the Atlantic World, African slave trade was introduced by the demand for cheap labor and provoked the horrible cruelties of slave trade. Around 1500, European colonists began to use enslaved Africans for the sugar plantations and tobacco farms because they needed a large number of workers to make them beneficial. The European workers planned on using Native Americans to complete the labor but millions died from disease, warfare, and merciless treatments, therefore, forcing the plantation owners to use enslaved Africans. Although slavery had existed in Africa for centuries, there were a few compelling occurrences that allowed slavery and slave trade to grow rapidly in it’s popularity. ADD THESIS. The spread of Muslims into Africa called…show more content…
As they proceeded to trade the slaves, some African rulers refused to trade anything for the slaves so the merchants had to create new trade routes, avoiding the rulers. This soon became known as the triangular trade, where over different routes, Europeans transported goods to the West coast of Africa where traders exchanged the goods for captured African slaves. Later, enslaved Africans were then brought across the Atlantic and sold in the West Indies where they traded them in return for sugar, coffee, and tobacco, and sailed the Europe with the new profits. This is an example of just one of the many triangular routes used from 1451-1870. This trade system linked the West Indies, England, Europe, and Africa and allowed a variety of goods to be shared. The Middle Passage of the Triangular trade system was the stretch that was made for African slaves to the West Indies, and North and South America. On the ships, the Africans were treated horribly. They often were abused to death, died of disease, or even committed suicide by drowning themselves. Scholars estimate that roughly 20 percent of the Africans aboard each slave ship perished during the brutal
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