Triangular Trade Thesis

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Triangular Trade was a route between America to European Countries. America sent sugar, tobacco, and cotton to Europe. Europe sent clothes and manufactured goods between west africa, as it goes America takes The Africans and make them slaves in their country. Slavery made a huge thing back then it was humiliated and scary. For Africans who were forced to leave their countries and be used in all different ways it was horrifying for them. I don’t know way American people decided to do this but it was sad for the African who suffered their lives to not die. At first European people were used to buy the African slaves but were taken by the Americans, the African were known to be hard workers and have experience in building things, doing weapons with the materials they have, they were smart and good learners. Throughout the trip America took 10 million of Africans. The ship was tight and a…show more content…
As i even imagine what they have been through it was crazy back then. As they got to America they were trained for thousands of years to become soldiers, workers...etc. Until now the new world as i go from place to place and see Africans who are now fighting for this country and sacrificing themselves for the country, it’s unbelievable to see how all of Africa from generation to generation are trying their best to protect this country. From soldiers or workers or any others in America trying their best and respecting other people. I just don’t get how Africans just forgot everything the Americans did to them and now are friends with them. If they were soldiers serving in America or if they’re in Africa both sides are helping each other and they gave peace. It is nice to see how there are a lot of poor people who are trying to live, a lot of americans are supporting it and trying to help. I learned a lot from the Triangular Trade and how it was miserable , i hope that all people who are suffering; war, sickness, poorness or anything can be solved and let the world have peace one
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