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2.4.5. Education
The problem of education in Kerala, tribal children is different from that for many of the other tribes in India. Education is a very important in Kerala and has resulted in one of the highest literacy rates in the world. For many of the other tribal villages in India the education problem is rooted in a lack of schools, along with many of the same problems faced in Kerala. Many of the tribal hamlets in Kerala have their own schools, or have one in a hamlet nearby. The problem in Kerala is the low attendance rate of tribal children due to lack of interest or specific social factors. Another problem is lack of interest of the teachers, and a subject matter that does not always apply to the lives of tribal children.
Low Attendance
Several factors contribute to low attendance of tribal children in Kerala. The number one reason is rooted in the social economics of Kerala tribes. Most of the Kerala tribes are agriculturalists, and shifting cultivation has been eliminated in Kerala; therefore agriculture takes a lot of work that needs many hands. In order for a tribal family to have a successful crop, it is necessary for the adult members of the family to receive help in the upkeep of the farms or with the caretaker of the home.
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There are several others who, while working as maids or casual workers on plantations and estates, are sexually abused by their masters. Government officials, the police, local people are also the partners and fellow conspirators for this brutal act against the tribal women. Rich landowners sexually exploit the tribal girls through temptation, kidnapping, cheating and rape. As a result of sexual abuse of women and adolescent girls by outsiders, many became unwedded mothers and can find illegitimate children of these mothers many tribal villages. Some of these tribal women end up in

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