Tribute Speech To James Phipps Analysis

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Today I am going to give a tribute speech to James Phipps. James was born, in 18th-century England, to a poor laborer who worked as Edward Jenner’s gardener. Edward Jenner was a doctor and a scientist who noticed that the milkmaids working on his farm who caught Cowpox seemed to be immune when later exposed to Smallpox. Working on his new theory the Doctor took a surgical knife, James, and a milkmaid named Sarah Nelms, and made two small cuts on the boy 's arm. He then used the knife to open one of the Cowpox blisters on Sarah’s hand and smeared the pus from it onto James’ cut arm. A few days later James came down with a fever and recovered quickly. At this point, Doctor Jenner took the boy again and once more made two small cuts on his arm,
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