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TRICARE is the health insurance program of the US Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees and their families. Tricare is offered to members of the seven branches of the military and their dependents and offers several options including standard Tricare. The dependents of members of any of the military branches are eligible for TRICARE Standard. The standard plan is suitable for those who prefer to keep their civil doctor rather than switch to a provider Tricare. This plan offers the most flexibility of any plans Tricare. While soldiers on active duty are not eligible for TRICARE Standard and should use Tricare Prime, military retirees and family members on active duty are eligible. Tricare Standard This makes a great option for retirees in remote locations where no military medical treatment facility or who want the freedom to choose from a wider base of physicians. The surviving spouse and children of the military are also eligible for TRICARE Standard. This eligibility continues until age 65 for spouse and up to age 21 for children. The benefit is extended to age 23 for children who are full-time students.…show more content…
CHAMPVA means Medical Program of the Department of Civil Affairs and Veterans Health. The program is secondary to other health insurance. As the dependent of a veteran, you may be eligible for any of CHAMPVA or TRICARE. Coverage for dependents over 65 years is possible. Before applying for CHAMPVA benefits, veteran spouse or parent you must first beneficiary or dependent claim. To do this, they have to contact the veteran VA Regional Office in your area and submit the form VA Statement dependency status. CHAMPVA can offer coverage for the spouse or widow and children a veteran who, if It has been permanently or totally disabled due to a service-connected disability as determined by the regional office of the Veterans

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