Trichinella Roundworm Research Paper

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Trichinosis is an infection caused by the roundworm Trichinella spiralis or another Trichinella roundworm. These worm's usually enter the body when the host consumes raw or undercooked meat. This particular infection is not necessarily contagious, unless the infected muscle tissue is eaten. In humans, the larvae are ingested (taken in) and are released from a cyst by stomach acid which then grow and develop into female and male worm's. After the male and female mate, the larvae are then released into the bloodstream and distribute to the skeletal muscle cells.
As said in the introduction, this infection is transmitted through the intake of raw or undercooked meat. But different species known to infect humans. These species include T. spiralis, T. britovi, T. pseudospiralis, T. nativa, T. nelsoni and T. murrali. Even though these are known to infect humans, they are found throughout the world
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Symptoms could depend on the certain case of this disease and could develope depending on how high or low the infestation is. The first few symptoms that most start to notice is diarrhea, some abdominal pain, nausea/ vomiting, and fatigue. All of this usually occurs after the larvae has penetrated the wall of the small intestine, grow into adults, and then mate. When the larvae gets into your bloodstream, they burrow themselves into your muscle tissue. This can cause headaches, muscle pain, high fever, conjunctivitis ( pinkeye ), sensitivity to light, sensitivity to light, and swelling or the face or eyelids. If someone has little to no symptoms, then seeing a doctor is not recommended. But if you have a sever case of trichinosis, see a doctor as soon as possible. To prevent this disease from happening, meat from wild animals need to be cooked all the way through (well done). Also you need to freeze the meat for a few weeks, even though this is not always effective or guaranteed to kill the worm's, it i

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