Trick The Efrafa Quotes

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26- So this part opens up with a folk talk. Look for a theme here- there must be a theme that has a quote in it. You could also look for something about Fiver getting another scary dream- his premonitions often prove to be ominous. 27- So this is about how the sandleford warren got destroyed- probably TONS of imagery, and also a social theme about the totalitarian government enforced by the owslafa. 29- Hazel wants to get more does- to ensure a permanent home. Theme of finding home should be in here somewhere. 30- Oh! So a theme could also be trickery. You can find a maybe a quote for this theme in this chapter- they have to trick the Efrafa. Also you could find imagery about death (grim reaper). 31- “Black rabbit of inle” . Since…show more content…
About el-ahrairah having a plan to convince rowsby woof to bark to drive away a curse (in which the rabbits escape). 42- news of war!!! Quote about hazel deciding to talk to woundwort about possible reconciliation (leadership theme). 43- Quote about negotiations- having a warren between their separate warrens, living in good will. So remember this is through woundwort’s POV. To him and his views, he could never accept such an offer. Quote about their different leadership styles (theme) 44- Imagery about woundwort’s army trying to infiltrate their way into the honeycomb. 46- imagery about the battle between woundwort and bigwig 47- So woundwort’s idea of a leader (big, strong bunny like bigwig) scares him when he finds out that bigwig isn’t the leader. He thinks that he might lose and sends another rabbit (Vervain) to fight him. This is the start of the collapse of sandleford. Character quote- woundwort fighting the dog. This isn’t normal because rabbits usually aren’t predators, and woundwort is acting like a predator in this situation. He dies shortly after. 50- imagery about the field of flowers. Finally a conclusion- mating and normal life. The rabbits have found their home (theme quote). There are their warren with their own legends and history (home
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