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Stephen Jay Gould once said, “Memory is a fascinating trickster. Words and images have enormous power and can easily displace actual experience over the years.” In the folktales that mentions Loki, his shapeshifting power creates a sense of power that dominates over everyone. As a trickster, having more power comes from lies and devious plans he creates and the outcome forms chaos that replaces manipulative. In the two tales Thor’s Stolen Hammer and Balder’s fate and Loki’s Downfall, Loki is a shapeshifting trickster who creates cunning plans and gives a mixed vibe to other people which later turns into chaos. Loki is one of the many tricksters who shapeshifts to display cunning characteristics. Tricksters are humans that can change shape and form. As Blair A. Moffett said, “Tricksters puzzle its commentators, largely because the trickster defines any purely rational or intellectual…show more content…
In conclusion, Loki creates chaos from his mixed vibe yet cunning plans and from his shapeshifting powers. Loki takes on many forms and develop tricky characteristics and uses plans to create chaos. Loki and other Norse mythology characters inspire many famous works like the blockbuster movies The Avengers and Thor. The folk tales and movies show some differences in his powers and backstory. In the movies, Loki is presented as a modern day prince of Asgard who has the DNA of a frost giant and has the power to create false versions of himself. Loki additionally has a scepter that opens portals to other worlds and dimensions and has a drive to find the Tesseract, a cube that will bring mass destruction. Loki in Norse mythology, however, is presented as a transformer who can turn into any animal or human beings and is married with three children. Even though, both movies and folktales are different, they both show simulators like presenting Loki as a trickster who fools people for his own benefit and he fools them by gaining their trust which creates chaos later on in the
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