Trickster Tale

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Trickster Tales “It has been said, the cat declared, but I am hardly believe it, that you have the power to change into a rat or a mouse I confess that it seems utterly impossible.” Mater Cat said this quote in the trickster tale “Puss in Boots” when he wanted the ogre to turn into a mouse so he can eat the ogre so he can trick the king into thinking that the Marquis De Carabas owned the land and the castle. In the story “Master Cat” the miller’s dad died and left them a mill, donkey, and a cat. The youngest son got the cat and planned on eating him but the cat asked for a pair of boots and a pouch. After he got the king 's attention by giving him rabbits and partridges and saying it 's from his master the Marquis De Carabas the king saved his life and invited him on their…show more content…
After reading the tales “How stories came to Earth” and “Master Cat” there seems to be many similarities. The first is that the tricksters had a goal. In “Master Cat” the cat wanted to achieve wealth for his master. In “How stories came to Earth” Anansi wanted to gain the knowledge of the sky god 's stories. The next similarity is that the tricksters completed their goal. The trickster tale “How stories came to Earth” Anansi captured the four animals and gave them to the sky god and in return he gain the stories. In the tale “Master Cat” the cat gained his master wealth,a wife, and a house. The third similarity is they used anthropomorphism. The tale “Master Cat “ used anthropomorphism by stealing, killing, lying, and tricking. In “How storie came to Earth” Anansi used anthropomorphism by having a wife, lying, talking, and by brainstorming a plan to capture the animals. The final way the two trickster tales were similar is they both were smart and cunning. In the tale “Master Cat” the cat always stayed one step ahead of the king so he could trick him into believing his master was wealthy. “How stories came to Earth” Anansi and his wife Aso thought of plans and how to capture the
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