Trickter Story 'HCSF'

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Tricksters often use their untrusting quality to prove to people they really do care for people in need. In the trickster tale, “HCSF”, it states, “The third looked more closely, and saw Coyote. But he had gone to the mountaintop on all fours, so the Being thought she saw only an ordinary coyote slinking among the trees. It is no one, it is nothing!" she cried, and the other two looked where she pointed and also saw only a grey coyote. They sat down again by their fire and paid Coyote no more attention”. This shows how the coyote can trick the fire deities and plan his attack to steal the fire and prove not only to the people, but to the fire deities that such a character would go a long way to help regular ordinary people. This evidence shows…show more content…
In the final trickster tale, “C&B”, it states, “When he came to the herd, he was astonished to see the cow he had killed. She was there with the others! She refused to go with Coyote again, and Buffalo Bull would not give him another cow. Coyote had to return to his own country without a buffalo.” Based off the evidence from the passage, this shows how the coyote took a path that he thought was not that bad in his head, but it turned out to be proven that he did not take the more accurate approach and therefore it would have turned out to be more of a harmful risk that could have possibly killed him and wasn 't the right decision for him. This evidence proves to us that the coyote is a trickster that developed a clever way to escape the tensions of the buffalo killing him with the idea of giving him new horns and tries to yet again come up with another plan of eating the whole cow instead of eating part by part just as how the buffalo stated. Due to his selfishness, the coyote was forced to eat the whole cow and disobeyed the orders of the buffalo. Later on, the coyote learns his lesson by getting leaned into a false trap of an old woman cooking the cow’s bones for him. Fast forward, he was basically tricked and lost the cow bones from the old woman that he so desperately wanted. When he confronted the buffalo, he noticed that the cow regenerated back to life and it stunned him to see this. During his confrontation with buffalo bull, he was not awarded another cow which caused coyote to go back home in shame and never receive the buffalo that he always wanted. The lesson is taught that disobeying rules and regulations can have a negative impact even when you think it won 't. It is thoroughly stated from the evidence that tricksters may seem to find an easy way, but it’s the harmful risks that could make a path turn into a whole new different
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