Essay On Triffid Apocalypse

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How to survive a Triffid apocalypse

Triffids are putting an end to our world as we know it, so this handy Triffid survival guide will teach you what you need to know to survive this disaster. Before beginning on to the instructions and things you should do, you must first know what a Triffid is and what it does. The Triffid has three main parts: the base, the trunk and the head. The head is not shaped like a human's head, but like a giant curved flower. In this head, there is a venomous stinger that helps make the Triffid seven feet in height and helps kill its prey to digest it considering it is a carnivore. A Triffid can pull its base out of the ground and back in the ground.The Triffid has three legs, and when it walks, it moves slowly but extremely quiet. The Triffids are intelligent because they always sneak up
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Do not get food that would spoil in a day like milk or non-preserved meat because that would not last long. A good and reasonable choice is to get canned beans, which last a while but it isn’t a good choice because it can cause too many digestion problems. In my opinion, the best choice would probably be beef jerky because it lasts one or two years and it is a good food source to have. Once you get enough food to help you survive the next couple of weeks or so, get weapons to kill the Triffid. Whatever weapon you get, don’t get a pistol or an arrow. I don’t recommend that because it may have precision aim, it is not effective at all. What I highly recommend is a shotgun, and Triffid gun or a bazooka. They are extremely effective and cause lots of damage, but has bad aim unless you’re an expert. The last thing you must collect is other people. Even though you may not survive a while, you still need company. Other people increase the chance of finding more food,weapons and repopulating to make babies that can see. Now you know what to collect, you must now need to know where to
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