Trifles And Maleficent Analysis

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The words trifle and maleficent mean two completely different things, yet the two stories that are portrayed in Trifles and Maleficent can relate in many ways. Besides referring to a dessert, the word trifle refers to something of little value or importance. The word maleficent refers to something that is harmfully malicious. So how do these two plays with those names relate? In both of these plays, we meet a woman who has been betrayed by her lover. Because of this betrayal, these two women’s love has turned into anguish, and they have now grown an appetite for vengeance. In Trifles, we’re introduced to a woman named Mrs. Wright who is now being questioned for the murder of her husband. At the beginning of the play, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Wright’s neighbor, states, “It never seemed a really cheerful place”. This quote is referring to the Wrights’ home. From this we can tell that Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s marriage wasn’t the happiest one and many people seemed to notice. As Mrs. Hale tells the backstory of Mrs. Wright’s life, we see that Mrs. Wright was once a happy woman, but once she married her husband everything changed. Mrs. Wright was a sweet girl when she was Minnie Foster, but was transformed into a depressed woman after many years of being neglected and emotionally abused by her husband. Before Mrs. Wright got married, she “used to wear pretty clothes and be lively, when she was Minnie Foster, one of the town girls singing in the choir”. Yet everything that was good in her

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