Trifles Symbolism

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Trifles is a play about two deaths, Mr. Wright and Minnie. Minnie’s spirit has been murdered by her husband and in return she murdered him. It is hinted many times that dark things may have happened in this house to Minnie. When Mr. Hale asked about Minnie’s husband wanting to put a phone “she started to laugh” “looked at me—scared”. Getting a phone could give Minnie some freedom the Mr. Wright did not want to give her. Having a phone means Minnie would be free to socialize without Mr. Wright’s guiding hand or to call for help against Mr. Wright. Minnie was afraid of Mr. Hale for a moment, before she remember that her husband was dead, she was afraid of what he would say to her husband about the phone. Mr. Wight was called a “hard man” he had…show more content…
The bird symbolized when Minnie used to be free and the tragedy what happened when she was married. The bird was captured and put in a pretty little cage, much like Minnie however her cage was one of marriage. The bird was Minnie’s youth and innocence. The bird was strangle by Mr. Wright, in turn Minnie strangled him in their marriage bed. He broke her in marriage so she killed him in the very symbol of marriage. The ladies found the broken cage, most likely broken by Mr. Wright in his attempt to harm the bird. The cage represented Minnie’s marriage and how its broken and she is now free form her captor. Although, the price of Minnie’s freedom is the death of Mr. Wright, what other choice did Minnie have. Remain under Mr. Wright’s firm control or have a chance at freedom no matter how fleeting it is. The fellow woman chose to stick to Minnie’s side than let the men know what possiably happened to Minnie. Showing the men these the broken cage and dead bird could easily give the motive they need to have Minnie be hung for murder. Instead, Minnie may stay in prison for the rest of her life. After all what woman could kill her own
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