Triggering Factors Of The Industrial Revolution

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Triggering Factors of the Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution is a historical event that was primarily started in the 18th century in Britain. This was a transition period, when revolution occurred with the replacement manual works into new technologies invented by the scientists of that era, thus it is named as “Industrial revolution”. As Stearns Chapter Outlines of world history states, this was a slow process of event that took many years to revolutionize completely (5). The time of Industrial revolution was started probably from1760 to 1790 and ended in 1840s, suggests historians. Still, there are many arguments exist among historians regarding so-called “Industrial revolution”, even in its terminology as “Industrial revolution”. For example, in the journal, “The Industrial Revolution and the Industrious Revolution”, author suggests another name for industrial revolution as “Consumer Revolution” (Vries 255). Sometimes, historians argue that there was not an event called Industrial Revolution and that is only the period of scientific development. Moreover, some sources mentioned that industrial revolution occurred in different phases. Historian Coleman, in his journal, “Industrial growth and Industrial Revolutions”, mentioned that there were two industrial revolutions. The first one is known as “Classical Industrial Revolution”, and the other is “Second Industrial Revolution” (1). Though there are contradictions in defining the industrial revolution and its

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