Trina Burnett Case Summary

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In preparation for our meeting tomorrow with Tyron Burnett and his mother Trina Burnett, I wanted to lay out a narrative about their experience with us which has led to this Patient/Family meeting at 10AM tomorrow.

During their first visit to the ER on June 22, 2017 Tyron came to ER with his mother with complaints of groin pain. They were then told of his Chlamydia diagnosis, but he was in fact treated for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. They was not told of the second diagnosis. During this first encounter his mother made it a point to ensure the patient changed his contact number was changed from the house phone number to his mobile phone, so that the information would not be intercepted by anyone else in the family home, specifically his grandmother. Tyron and his mother also filled out forms to allowing consent for his mother to also have his PHI disclosed to her.
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The mother stated that between these two encounters, the patient was met with a lot of patronizing and shaming commentary about his sexual conduct. The mother stated that the resident on their case suggested that if the patient had these 2, it was possible he had the other 2 STDs that complete the big 4, which included trichinosis and syphilis. The resident suggested that the patient be treated for that as well, and the mother agreed because there seemed on her end to be so much uncertainty of what her son

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