Trinae's Argument Against Abortion

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I don’t favor one girl over the other based on what side they had presented. Since they were assigned the topic, there could be no correlation between whether or not I have a preference between Trinae and Dayna. I listened to both arguments with equal attention. Both girls seemed to present adequate amount of facts and support to back up their chosen stance. Trinae presented the anti-abortion side. The facts I considered significant were that abortion could harm the mother and prevent her from becoming pregnant. Trinae also stated that teenagers who become pregnant could offer their baby to a couple who cannot have children. Daytona presented the Pro-abortion side. She stated that aborting pregnancies could prevent babies with medical
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Having read the book before this activity I understood that there could be no correlation between what the girls presented and what they believed personally, since they did not choose the side they presented for. I did find myself automatically making snap Judgments about them as they were talking about there given topic. This phenomenon happened because the girls are more salient or stand out more than the situation. Which, in this case is when Dan said informed us that Dayna and Trinae were assigned to talk about a perspective on abortion. I tried to stop myself being fully aware that what stance they shared with the class did not reflect who they are. On the other hand, I did find that Dayna seemed to be nervous where Trinae seemed to be comfortable when presenting the information. With this evidence, I came to the conclusion that Dayna experiences stage fright where as Trinae seems to not mind talking to large groups of people. Using the Fundamental Attribution error, I would be inclined to say that Dayna is introverted and Trinae is extroverted. However, I could only conclude this if they presented these traits in a wide range of social settings. Based on the traits they possessed when presenting, I could not accurately present a high or low rate of distinctiveness to their behavior, since it is confined to one specific
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