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The flourishing of each individual and community in Trinidad and Tobago physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually and socially. Going beyond;
• hospitals and to include altering health beliefs,
• disease and infirmity as criteria for wellness and focusing on the individuals positive functioning in life no matter the ailment,
• government responsibility for the population health and to enhance individual personal conscientiousness. To build a health system that consists not only of institutions but a system that is a culture of good health. A culture that would change Trinidad and Tobago’s current economic and social potential into a reality.
8.2 GOAL:
A population that leads long, healthy lives that is promoted by quality health care and fuelled by personal and community responsibility.
Fundamental to Trinidad and Tobago’s economic expansion, security and sustainability is the health of its people. A healthy population is crucial to the country’s goal of becoming an international engine of global growth. The continuity of the economy is dependent on the endurance and welfare of the present and future generations of
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A healthy population is crucial to Trinidad and Tobago’s goal of becoming an international engine of global growth. The objective therefore is to create “a Life of Dignity for All” with respect to health by 2030 by offering special attention to the most vulnerable of Trinidad and Tobago. In recognition of this, Trinidad and Tobago has sought to build a progressive health sector over time, through the implementation of proper policies and systems for its management. The benefits of a well-structured and efficient health care delivery system are wide ranging since it impacts on people’s productivity, general wellbeing and their ability to access education and employment among other
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