Trinidad And Tobago Identity

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To what extent have Culture and Art groups helped bring about a greater awareness of Trinidad and Tobago identity? The reason for choosing this topic for my research is to gain a greater insight on the Culture and Art groups that exist in Trinidad and Tobago. As a citizen of this country I can develop an appreciation for its heritage. The Culture and Art groups are well known for its contribution to the Caribbean as they helped shape the society we live in today. In additional, through the study of the nation’s history cultural growth and development and the events which brought about the evolutional change can be seen. The overall topic is compelling and evokes critical thinking. It provides a wide range of knowledge which can be used in my functioning in society.

Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful twin island located in the Southern Caribbean. The islands are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It was first inhabited by indigenous people who established different historical traditions which reflect the influence of Indian, Amerindian, European, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish and Arab traditions. It is this tradition that formed the cultures of the people of today’s society. Today, Trinidad and Tobago is known for its serine beaches which make it a destination hub for tourists. In addition, the country is famous for its Creole lifestyle which consists of the language spoken, and Art groups. These make Trinidad and Tobago a very
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