Tripartism And Social Dialogue Analysis

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In 1999, the new Director-General, Somavia recognized the positive role played by civil society organizations and the establishment stronger links with them in his first report. Trade unions and employers were worried about losing their privileged place in the ILO governing structure. To prevent this direction, Resolution on Tripartism and Social Dialogue (ILC 2002) was introduced in order to reaffirm the irreplaceable tripartite structure of the ILO. Tripartism is an effective and decisive mechanism or facilitating dialogue with civil society organizations. In fact, before the adopting tripartism structure, the Director-General had required a report with total figures, representatives of governments, trade unions, employer associations, and…show more content…
It not only precisely defines a description but also play an important role to measurement labor standards. The decent work strategy was based on four central pillars consisting of fundamental rights, employment, social protection, and social dialogue which have a strict relationship together. The relationship can be demonstrated by a virtuous circle, for example fundamental rights would lead to greater employment, which would provide the economic growth and then strengthen social protection, which would in turn strengthen fundamental rights further. The decent work specially raises the importance of creating jobs of a certain quality. Jobs all sectors were respected, workers were entitled to social protection, and they had opportunities for voice and for participating in the design of the economic policies that directly affected them. The use of the term “Decent work” was an innovation by which the ILO indirectly indicates that they also care about the workers in informal economic sectors and vulnerable labors who has been located in poor countries. However, even in the best of circumstances, employer organizations require rights for only their formal enterprises or labors working in formal sectors. The large majority of workers who were employed in informal jobs in poor countries with low working…show more content…
Some developed countries that having strong economic power can be seen as an example. One of the most noticeable lighting point is their tripartite structure of the ILO, however, some critics indicates that it focus more on corporatist structure which has not much effective and objective impact on enforcement of labor standard. Although tripartism symbolizes coordination between partnerships but there is no opportunities to promote the relationships among related parties such two countries, employer association and labors and

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