Triple Bottom Line Of Pnp

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My Triple Bottom Line Report on Pick n Pay (PNP) will determine whether or not PNP is a sustainable business or have a positive future. This theory also indicates the interdisciplinary thinking that is crucial in today’s world and all the challenges that businesses face. My report will aid a simple view on PNP and will show a general overview of the triple bottom line of PNP. The people, planet and profit will be my guidelines into briefing this report.

The CSR programmes mentioned below have been made prominent by PNP. CSR is one of the pillars on which the company’s philosophy is founded. PNP believes that being a good corporate citizen defines the conduct of an organisation. As the vision of PNP states that: “To enable
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These businesses often cannot support themselves because of certain financial issues and they struggle to find marketing or a base for their product, this gives new suppliers guidance when approaching the new industry and how certain demands are met as well as contributing towards techniques as how to accomplish their goals as a small business. PNP have taken advantage of this because it boosts the recognition in the community and provides a sustainable relationship with the supplier, this relationship can either benefit or give a disadvantage towards PNP. That is why it is crucial that the correct guidance is provided from PNP to insure the full potential of the small…show more content…
And in the community this develops trust and accountability between stakeholders and the community.
PNP school club is often gloated by PNP as one of the country’s most dynamic and successful channels. This is where schools benefit from other businesses with their participation in the education of these children. The main focus of this programme is to create a meaningful relationship between PNP and the government, schools and local communities. All this brings a much needed educational platform to uneducated children. The financial support from PNP is greatly appreciated from the community. Many schools are hungry for new innovation and prescribed educational curriculums.
In my conclusion to the CSR programmes weather it may be internal or external, I have concluded that all the CSR programmes mentioned above have had a great influence in the brand building of PNP. And I feel that if they continue their progress in this direction it will aid them as well as the community. Their impacts on the social empowerment are having lasting impacts on the reduction of poverty in South Africa. These ways are providing the community with a sense of self-worth and ultimately enabling them to make their own decisions regarding their small business. PNP have successfully achieved positive impacts through their CSR
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