Triple Forward Helix Case Study

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Cover Others Interaction on Your Triple Forward Helix Piercing Piercing method is one of the ideal ways to decorate your sensitive ear portion of the face. Many people decorate their faces through various ways, but the simplest way to decorate their faces with triple forward helix piercing. The triple forward helix piercing is not popular in the ancient period, but after a long period the world enters the modern generation. All the people love the style and new fashion to change their outer look the piercing way. Piercing is also a painful way to decorate himself, but it gives unique style and gives a real experience. The triple forward helix piercing is now more familiar and most of the people like this piercing method. Basically, the piercing needs one sterilized needle and jewelry to…show more content…
• Don’t try to remove the jewelry during the healing period. Infection of triple forward helix piercing:- • The basic infection symptoms are redness, inflammation, and other swelling in the specific region. • Get an advice from the professional piercer or a personal doctor. • Use quality jewelry to prevent the cause of infection. • And make sure using the proper medication to cure the infection. • If you contact the pierced location with your open hand; the infection will grow and spread to all the regions. Medication for triple forward helix piercing infection:- • The anti-bacterial soap is the initial thing to cure the infection quickly. • Before purchasing the medication in the marketplace, you have to make sure the personal doctor to get the right advice. • The anti-bacterial soap has the capability to kill the bacteria faster and didn’t grow the infection more. • Daily care and cleaning is significant to slow down the infection through the use of the right medication. • Use the medication in the proper direction to avoid the infection spread in another

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