Triple X Syndrome Research Paper

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Camryn Whitley
Mr. Hunter
December 12, 2014
Background information of Triple X Syndrome After every baby is born, people compare his or hers features to the parents. The baby has his mother’s blue eyes or the baby inherited his height from his father. All these examples could be true but people do not understand how the gene pool works. When a disorder runs in the family, the parents want to know the chances of their offspring having the disorder (GHR). This can be difficult to predict in some cases because many factors influence a person’s development of their genetic condition. It is a random mutation that occurs in the chromosome pairs before birth.
Gene mutations
Gene mutations can vary from different disorders which may have expanded
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Triple X is found in females. Although this disorder is commonly known to affect the learning and motor skills there is a 10% chance that the women or girls can experience seizures or kidney problems (GHR). The condition occurs in about 1 and 1,000 new born girls (GHR). Males cannot experience this disorder. Males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes; this is why females can only have Triple X. When the extra chromosome is attached it forms the chromosome XXX. Five to ten females with Triple X syndrome are born in the United States each day (GHR).
Is Triple X Syndrome life changing? Any disorder you experience is life changing. Disorders do not destroy a life. Disorders make an individual push themselves harder to achieve the goals they are not expected to achieve. Research proves that people who are diagnosed with this disorder can live a normal life. Many females who have Triple X Syndrome go their whole life without any problems. Many females do not know they have the disorder until they are tested. Some cases are more severe than others so the affects differ from life changing to not noticing any problems at all.
Chromosomes of Triple X
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The different types of treatments differ from the symptoms the individual experiences, if any. If the individual is diagnosed with the disorder the doctor would recommend a type of counselling or extra learning alterative to catch up on learning. There is no medication that will help this disorder. The best way to handle the situation is providing physical therapy to help strengthen the weak muscles. Another way to help is through providing extra assistance in schooling. Any type of tutoring, after school sessions, or one on one time with a teacher or parent will always be helpful.
Medical Research. There is no medical research currently being done for Triple X syndrome. There is a good understanding of how this disorder is created and how it has to be handled. It is very hard to tell the disorder before birth due to the last chromosomes setting in. There is no way to prevent this random mutation from happening.

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