Triple-X Syndrome Research Paper

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Triple-X Syndrom By:Alli Wildman There are an estimated 12 million Americans that have a genetic disorder. A typical male’s sex chromosomes is one X and one Y and a typical female’s sex chromosome is two X’s. Triple-X syndrome (Trisomy X) is when a female’s sex chromosome to have three X's instead of the normal two. Trisomy X’s symptoms are diagnosed to what causes this disease. Trisomy X is not inherited. Doctors will prescribe or suggested treatment by going to counseling or getting help with school. This disease is found in girls. This disease is caused by random error in the cell division of the child. The doctor's diagnose the child after periodic screening. Triple-X syndrome was discovered by Patricia Jacobs in 1959. This disease was…show more content…
This disorder affects the height and the brain of the patient. The patient is taller than normal and has a smaller head. The brain works slower than children at that age. For example, the average baby starts walking at nine to twelve months, but a triple-x syndrome baby starts walking at about 17 or 18 months. This disease affects about one in 1,000 females. Triple-X syndrome only affects females because the chromosomes that are affected by this disease are the sex chromosomes, 23rd chromosomes. Description of the Symptoms Triple-X syndrome is generally goes undiagnosed throughout the child’s life. Some symptoms are the child is taller than average, delayed speech, and learning disabilities. Some rare symptoms are premature ovarian failure, infertility, and seizures. Infertility is the inability to have children. Cause of the Disorder Triple-X is caused in two ways, mosaic and nondisjunction. Mosaic is when “incorrect cell division caused by a random error event in the embryo’s development.”( Nondisjunction is when there is a random error in the mother’s egg or the father’s sperm so the cell division is incorrect. This disease is not a mutation because it is sex linked. The IQ of the Triple-X sufferer is ten to fifteen points below siblings. Five to fifteen percent of Turner syndrome sufferers are affected by Triple-X…show more content…
Periodic screenings can be used to see if the child has Triple x. Educational assistance to help the child in school. The parents and classmates need to be supportive so the child can grow mentally and physically. The life expectancy is 81 years old, a normal woman's life expectancy. Diagnosis Many daughters go their whole life without knowing they have Triple x syndrome. Doctors take a blood sample and perform a chromosomal analysis (analyzing the chromosomes) on the blood sample. The diagnosis is being made before birth more often. Doctors also performs a amniocentesis which is sampling of amniotic fluid using a needle inserted into the uterus. A chorionic villus sampling is a tissue sample taken from the villi of the chorion (fetal part of the placenta). Five to ten percent of Turner syndrome sufferers also suffer from Triple x. This disease is only found in girls because of how many x chromosomes there are. A man has xy chromosomes and a woman has xx chromosomes so Triple x can only occur to women. Women of any race can get this
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