Triplet Monologue

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I lay there in the Chicago Lying Hospital bed thinking about how I could get our triplets to survive.Who would give their lives up for them.There I lay thinking to myself when I heard three gunshots,one after the other.I just knew that something was wrong,I had a bad feeling.I had to see what happen but how I couldn’t I had just delivered triplets. I asked the nurse what happen.When she told me my husband had shot Dr.Hitz,Leora Duncan,and himself my heart sank. I knew that he has done what he did to save our babies. What was I going to do now I knew that anytime lawyers or doctors would come to punish us because that was not acceptable.How was I going to save myself and the triplets.We had to get out of there.Laying there and thinking what I was going to do, where would we go.Just then a painter came in he explained to me what happened and that he was…show more content…
I decide it was best for us to leave for kansas where it was not too far but not too close.Where would we stay I didn’t quite know yet, but I knew that was the place.We left on a Thursday in the morning the sky was dark and gray.On the way there the sky was looking better and our day too.It was a 8hr drive to get there I was tired from all the sitting when we got there and we didn't know what to do next.We were not living in a Utopia society, nobody was going to help us we were on our own.I decide I need to rest and tomorrow go out to find a
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